Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) 2015 finally been released, KIS combines the Kaspersky antivirus with cloud-based Internet security. It is more efficient at finding more Internet threats than just the antivirus, protect you from malicious viruses, Trojan and worms, blocks adware and spyware. It also scans - files in real-time and on demand, email messages that can contain harmful content, Internet traffic, and java and visual basic scripts. URL Advisor uses cloud-based data about the reputation of websites to alert the user about links to suspicious and dangerous sites. It also provides you with a feature that enables you to restore a system to a previous state when a virus or malicious software has caused a problem. If the malicious code has deleted system files Kaspersky Internet Security includes the capability to create a Rescue Disk.
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  • Protects your privacy, your money & your kids from Internet risks
  • Protects your PC against today’s Internet threats
  • Adds extra security for online banking & shopping
  • Safeguards your privacy and personal information
  • Helps protect your children against online threats
  • Combines superior security & optimized performance

Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8.1 (32 and 64 bit)
Homepage: here
File Size: 165 MB
Official Link Download: here or here

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