EZ CD Audio Converter is the ultimate audio suite that features CD ripper, audio converter, metadata editor, and disc burner. Designed to provide best user experience with its excellent user interface and ultimate audio quality. It includes the best audio codecs and extremely accurate 32-bit audio processing.Takes advantage of the modern computer performance. Optimized to utilize the power of the multi-core and multimedia features of the processors (MMX, SSE1/2/3/4/5). It can run up to 8 parallel conversions. 

Here are some key features of "EZ CD Audio Converter":
* Audio CD Ripper:
Rips audio CDs with accurate, high-performance CD ripping engine. Bypasses 'copy-protections'. Reads badly scratched discs. Reports errors on the discs. Reads the track titles from the Internet. Writes ID3/ID3V2/metadata. Allows you to edit the metadata and specify the filenames for the ripped files, and more...
* Audio File Format Converter:
Converts audio file formats from one format to another. Splits CUE Sheets and encodes the music to individual files. Allows you to edit the ID3/ID3V2/metadata, and rename the output files, and more...
* Audio CD Creator:
Writes Audio CDs that are compatible with all home/car CD-players. Writes CD-Text. Supports CUE Sheets. Uses BURN-Proof for error-free CD burning.
* MP3/WMA CD Creator:
Writes MP3 CDs that can be played on MP3 compatible CD-players. Also writes WMA CDs, and standard Data CDs. Supports Unicode and long filenames. Uses BURN-Proof for error-free CD burning. 

Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8.1 (32 and 64 bit)
Homepage: here
File Size: 19.8 MB / 21.7 MB
[Installer 32 bit + Medicine]
[Installer 64 bit + Medicine]

[Only Medicine for 32 bit]

[Only Medicine for 64 bit]

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