Codelobster PHP Edition streamlines and simplifies the PHP development process. You don't need to keep in mind the names of functions, arguments, tags or their attributes -- we've implemented all these for you with autocomplete features for PHP, HTML, JavaScript and even CSS. And you can always get necessary help information by pressing F1 or using the special Help control.
An internal free PHP Debugger allows you to validate your code locally. It automatically detects your current server settings and configures corresponding files in order to let you use the debugger.
  • PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS code highlighting
  • PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS code collapsing
  • HTML autocomplete
  • HTML/CSS code inspector
  • HTML toolbar
  • CSS autocomplete
  • JavaScript Advanced autocomplete
  • PHP Advanced autocomplete
  • PHP Debugger
  • Context and Dynamic Help with search for work with PHP, MySQL, HTML
  • DynamicHelp window automatically lists all possible references for current word. You also can use ContextHelp to get information about shortcut keys.
  • Support for Version Control Systems: SVN, Git etc.
  • Code folding (collapsing)
  • Pair highlighting
  • Pair selection, tags and attributes selection commands
  • Navigation by holding CTRL key for A, LINK, IMG tags, BACKGROUND attributes and PHP functions
  • Class View
  • Preview in a browser
  • Project manager
  • File Explorer with FTP/SFTP support, publishing for projects
  • Incremental find
  • Bookmarks
  • All standard functionality for work with a code
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Windows All
File Size:
24 MB
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